The main questions we face are: where we were, where we go, what we do. These issues are of strategic nature and require accurate reflection because of the importance of making decisions that are important turning points for the future Ekos holding. A careful examination of the business moves made ​​in recent years it is necessary to collect and identify the compliance of these moves with the strategy and vision of the company. Ekos Group since its establishment in 1989 until today, several times a structural and organizational change its shape. Assumed the dynamic and static form left and focused on  ideas represented by the European Union and the execution of change within the business. 
  Ekos Holding d.o.o. has three main business divisions with several roadside service: 
-Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products as globally-oriented process with its finalization within the tourism, retail and manufacturing activities (bakery, confectionery)
-Vinegar and oil production with the aim of taking over the business in the region (Slovenia, Kosovo) 
-Processing of eggs in liquid and powder products.

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